We’d like to think that this wouldn’t be a strong selling point, but it seems our clients are often quite surprised to get the truth minus sales spin and sugar coating. By being totally open and honest we can deliver to your expectations.


We don’t have secrets from our clients, or staff or our suppliers.

Well Being

Motivated staff deliver better results. Motivation is achieved by setting realistic goals and targets, providing first class training and support, generously rewarding for achievement and creating an environment that accommodates a decent leisure ethic. We hope you’ll notice the difference.


We run our business with a commitment to be paperless where possible, recycle and source the most eco-friendly supplies and equipment available to us.

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on answering our Customer’s questions and supporting them over the telephone in the first instance.  We don’t like the “Ticket System” employed by many companies as it is impersonal and dosn’t give you any information as to what’s happening and when any issues will be sorted.

We will normally respond within 24 hours to any general queries and for urgent issues we are normally contactable 24/7 and will expect to deal with any service problems within four hours.  We would expect to resolve any issues raised within 24 – 48 hours, dependant upon the severity, cause and solution required.

If the issue needs escalating, or you wish to make a formal complaint, then this must be made in writing to our company registered office where it will be dealt with by the Company Director responsible.

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