Web development involves the design and deployment of any software that makes use of internet protocol. This could be a company website, online store, back office administration suite or almost any piece of business software.

We have considerable experience in this field. From building well designed and well recieved websites through building web based products, to completely web enabling enterprise scale business systems.

Working with the web
Imagine a simple website built to sell a single product online. Imagine a well designed and well received design boosting online presence and increasing turnover. Now imagine this seamlessly tying in with an online stock control and ordering system and your office accounts. Imagine the whole process web enabled so you can access the information from any of your outlets, or even working at home. Now imagine scaling this up and flexibly staffing your operation from multiple locations. Imagine increased turnover, reduced costs and improved data security.
This has become a reality for clients of all sizes with turnovers of up to 25million a year running through systems we have taken a lead role in building.

For a web site this means making sure that it is clear, readable, navigable and available to people with disabilities. For a web system it means having access to your data anywhere and anytime.

The nuts and bolts of your web system will be built by a qualified, experienced software engineer fully conversant with the latest architectural standards. Our systems are built with an Object Oriented MVC design and ensure good seperation of the front end, business and data layers.

Standard compliance
Our websites are built to comply to recognised accessibility and design standards ensuring legislative compliance and a positive user experience.

Project management
Fully conversant with accepted project management methodologies we manage the full systems lifecycle transparently so that our clients feel in control at every stage.

We supply full systems documentation for every development project. With full documentation you have full ownership of your system. You will not be bound to us for maintenance or future expansion – we anticipate repeat business on the strength of our service NOT because of complicated technical tie ins!

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